Thursday, January 24, 2008


Kate and I have made it to Marrakech, Morocco. Our first stop in Africa. This city is quite the spectacle to say the will not do it justice. Typing on an Arabic designed keyboard is tricky, so this will be quick, but fortunately an hour of internet is 7DH, or just under 1USD
There are plenty of tourist trap spots, but also plenty of similar looking spots to check out the locals who don't hassle as much. Maybe hassle isn' the right word, but more offer their services or products.
The women dressed from head to toe with little more than their eyes visible is somewhat intimidating especially at night, just because it is so different from our normal clothing choices. But the people here are very friendly and crossing the streets is very exciting!!

Here we are doing the snake thing, because, why not!! Kate loves them

Off to Fes in a couple of days...catch up later

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bjj hj said...

We are SOOOOO jealous! Have a blast! - BJJHJ and Shannon