Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quick post

Just a quick post from our hotel in Beijing...we were finally able to get the photos from Cairo uploaded.

So far, we are a fan of Beijing...more to post later.

Good night!!


Blute York City said...

Go to the Black markets and get a bunch of North Face for mad cheap! Bargain the shit waay down. I got a fleece vest for $8 after she started at $150. Just pretend like you're walking away and they'll keep cutting it down.

Are you going to Xian too? The Terra Cotta Warriors are cool to see.

I had friends who also went to Guilin. It's called the "Gum Drop Mountains", and is supposed to be amazing and tranquil. Wild tigers too.

Have fun and if you remember, pick up a communist Mao Zae Dong lighter for me at Tianamin Square. Mine broke.

J Low said...

Thanks so much for all of the pictures and updates~ we LOVE hearing about everything!
Stay safe and keep having fun!!!!
Lauren & James

Blute York City said...
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